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Software midi2style For Yamaha PSR
midi2style version: 4.30 (January 30 2009)

• midi2style reads MIDI files format 0 and format 1
• MIDI files with all time signatures (including 32th’s) and in all keys can be used for conversion
• MIDI file length is only limited by computer resources
• MIDI file player with mute patch, loop and quantize functions
• Style part start and length settings are transferable directly from the MIDI file player
• All 16 known Yamaha style parts can be created
• Intro and Ending Parts can play “melodic” (non harmonized) as the MIDI file
• Maximum style parts length is 64 measures (fills one measure)
• XG voice and PSR Panel voice support
• Voice selections for compatible keyboard models are validated
• MIDI file patches (instruments) can be reassigned
• Volume, Pan, Expression, Reverb and Chorus controllers can be set individually for each channel
• All channels can be muted individually in all style parts
• Splitting of MIDI file drum/percussion channel 10 into Rhythm Sub and Rhythm Main at user defined note number
• Style name, copyright notice and two text messages can be included into style file
• Default tempo can be changed (32 – 280 bpm)
• Tempo can be set individually in style parts (32 – 280 bpm)
• The Volume Profile can be set individually in channels
• Six levels of quantizing (no – 1/256 – 1/128 – 1/64 – 1/32 – 1/16)
• Notes shorter than a user defined length can be removed automatically
• Drum notes can be shortened to a user defined length
• Overlapping notes are corrected
• Maximum polyphony is calculated for each style part
• A default CASM section can be added
• Non-scale and non-chord notes can be deleted to avoid disharmonies
• Delete channels individually in internal chord recognition to avoid influence from “melody line” channels
• Five levels of transposing each channel individually for modifying the note level of the channel
• “Missing” B notes can automatically be inserted to assure that “advanced” chords sound right
• Count In can be added individually to the Intro parts
• Fade Out can be added individually to the Ending parts
• The number of Fade Out measures in Ending parts is selectable
• Ritardando (decreasing tempo) can be added to Ending parts
• Most used controller events can be included into the style file
• Style file player with loop option for testing the style before saving
• Style Editor including editing of style at note level; configurable player and editing log file
• Conversion settings can be saved for future use for new conversions
• The five last opened MIDI files are added to the File menu for fast access
• Program remembers Open and Save folders for fast access to user folders
• Program start/stop; file operations and conversions are logged to file
• User Interface in English, German and Danish
• Extensive online help
• Automatic error correction
• and much more …
Main Window – for mixing style and setting of global parameters.

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